Company profile

The company was founded in 1957 as a partnership by Moses Kramberg and his late brother David and in 1972, after experiencing growth and establishing itself in the market, the company registered as a limited company.

Already upon its foundation, its founders decided that professional standards, service and availability will constitute the cornerstones of the company, and indeed the company is currently the leading company in the heavy vehicles spare parts market in Israel and engages in import, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of spare parts for all types and models of trucks, trailers, buses and heavy equipment.

The company imports and sells transmission and clutch parts, drive shafts, engine parts, suspensions, stabilizers, braking systems, trailers and electrical parts and maintains in its warehouses the largest inventory in Israel of aftermarket parts for heavy vehicle.

Our clientele includes all heavy vehicle fleets in Israel, including: Government ministries, IDF, IEC, Mekorot National Water Company, the Palestinian Authority, authorized workshops, transport companies, trailer manufacturers and more. Hundreds of private customers, companies and corporations that receive excellent service from the company for over 50 years now, thus making it the best known company in this field.

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