Words from the CEO

Good day,
For many years, the world of heavy vehicle and buses progressed slowly relatively to the accelerated progress we experience in this field in recent years. Currently, the pace of changes in this sector only grows further. As a company funded many decades ago, we are aware of the market’s changing needs, try to anticipate future needs and still continue to grow and develop with our experienced and veteran team of managers and employees till these days.
As an administrative decision, we strive for constant innovation, and therefore always stay the leading company in our market.
The changes and technological advances in the heavy vehicles industry require us to constantly look for high-quality suppliers and manufacturers, new products, and of course, meet the highest standards of professionalism and reliability in our attempt to provide a comprehensive response to customer needs.

There is a growing need of companies and corporations in the heavy vehicle and transportation sector to reduce operational and maintenance costs, while at the same time not neglecting neither quality nor safety. Our company’s suppliers are some of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers in the field. With their cooperation, our service system is able to provide constant service and support to all end customers in Israel.

Company vision and values

Our goal is to lead the field of spare parts for heavy vehicles, transportation vehicles and groundworks equipment in Israel, and provide our customers with the most suitable solutions, products and services in the transport sector, while creating real and measurable value for our clients.

We believe

Our customers and employees are spearheading the company’s ongoing operations for over 50 years. We are committed to foster long-term partnership between the company, its managers and its employees and customers from all sectors. We believe in fairness, professionalism and a genuine desire to advance and innovate in the field. We believe that the company, its customers and our dedicated employees – are one big family.